Zombies! Becks Goodbye [AAR]

We listened attentively as the men on the other end of the radio explained they were capable of reproducing the cure in mass quantities. There was one problem, the research lab was located in Reno which was about 450 miles north of here. The only way we could make it in a reasonable amount of time was to fly. The Professor sprang from his seat and pointed east. “I know of another hospital that has a helipad on its roof,” the said, “But it’s a bit of a walk.”

Scenario 6: Race to the Helicopter
Apocalypse +44

Turn 1
We ran as hard as we could on the main road of Last Chance. Zombies limped towards us.

Turn 2
A few of them stumbled as they tripped over bushes.

Tonya cleared a path of zombies blocking the road, while I moved north to shoot another. The Sailor was too fatigued to rush one in sight and chose to stand his ground. The Professor scurried closer to Tonya and I.

Turn 3
3 infected ones tangled me as they tugged at my arms and legs. I attempted to shoot one but missed entirely. The Sailor took a few steps forward and swung on the zombies that was nearing him.

Tonya charged single zombie to allow for a clearer path west. I met up with them shortly after dealing with my own set of zombies. I could see the Sailor and Professor running towards Tonya.

Turn 4
Tonya targeted a group of zombies and blasted 3 away. I scanned the area an approached a lone zombie shuffling in the open. Its head jerked back as I shot it in the face. The Sailor and Professor linked up with Tonya.

Zombies charged at Tonya and I.

Turn 5
Tonya moved back to blast 3 zombies that Sailor didn’t see. I aggressively targeted another zombie to the west but missed. “Keep going,” shouted Tonya, “We don’t have much time!”

A zombie charged towards me as I executed my signature move, the pistol whip. It seemed they fell for that every time.

Turn 6
Tonya and I were both distracted, which led to 3 zombies charging the Professor. The Professor panicked and fled west. Another jumped on the Sailor but he was proficient enough with his bat to fend it off.

Tonya, the Sailor, and I made a dash towards to Professor to protect him. We checked the Professor for any scratches and open wounds. “I’m alright,” said the Professor.

Turn 7
(Zombies = No activation)
We continued west into a less settled part of town.

Turn 8
We can see the horde of zombies behind us as we ran further into the deserted town.

Turns 9
(Both = No activation)
We took a moment to catch our breath.

Turn 10
I shot at another lone zombie for some easy pickings.

Tonya readied herself and prepared for the sea of zombies. She reached back and pumped her shotgun. 3 zombies lunged at her on the initial charge. Tonya laughed as they fell motionless. I was mesmerized by the zombie tide while a zombie rushed my way. I fired a shot aimlessly in a state of panic but missed. I stood back and delivered an elbow smash to its jaw. I glanced at the Sailor who was covered with 4 zombies. His tattooed arm bled profusely and dripped on the asphalt.

Turn 11
Tonya was aware of the Sailor situation. The Sailor was able to kick the zombies up as a group long enough for Tonya to squeeze off a shot. 3 zombies were blown back and fell to the ground. Today was not my day. Most of my shots were off-mark. The Sailor dusted himself off and charged a lone zombie. He swung his bad at its head as it dropped like a sack of rocks. He immediately moved into contact with a nearby zombie. The Professor overcame his fears and shot his first zombie. The arrow pierced a zombie’s skull as it fell backwards.

Tonya was ambushed by a lone zombie but was able to shrug it off with a quick butt stroke to the temple. I charged another unsuspected zombie and smashed the back of its head. The Sailor felt adventurous at this point. He rushed a couple of zombies as he yelled pass me.

Turn 13
(Zombies = No activation)
“Keep moving,” commanded Tonya. We all slipped from our encounters and sprinted closer to the helipad.

Turn 14
The zombies trailed behind us as we sprinted another segment of the town.

Turn 15
We waited for the Sailor to catch up as struggled to keep up with our pace. “I almost forgot my bat,” he said as he gave the bat a kiss.

Turn 16
We continued to sprint west into the mazed city. From there, the Sailor and I split from Tonya and the Sailor.

Turn 17
(Zombies = No activation)
“Keep going and I’ll try to slow them down,” suggested Tonya. She ran east towards the intersection. I was unsure of how many zombies were on our trail. The Professor stayed close to Tonya.

The Sailor and I were on the street parallel to Tonya. Our intent was to mitigate some of the work cut out for her. We tried as hard as we could to slow them down before we mad a full sprint to regroup as a whole.

Turn 18
Tonya watched as the army of zombies ran toward her. She fired off another shot as the thunderous sound bounced throughout the canyon of tall buildings. A batch of zombies caused me to cower in a building. i was unaware of the zombies that were in there. I managed to take one out before I engaged the other 2. Across the street I could see the Sailor hiding behind a desk as he applied a gauze to his wounded arm.

Turn 19
(Sailor/Professor = No activation)
I killed another zombie and needed to shake the last one before I could assist Tonya with the approaching wave. I guess the Sailor’s wounds were more serious than I thought. I saw him applying a tourniquet with his belt and a broken broomstick he had found on the ground. Tonya was overwhelmed with zombies. I counted 8 at that point. Another loud bang echoed in the streets as 3 zombies fell backward. Tonya took out another by using her shotgun as a bat.


4 zombies headed towards the Sailor. He had no choice but to flee. He scrambled to get on his feet and ran toward safety.

Turn 20
(Zombies = No activation)
Tonya stepped away from the crowd and shot another round into the oncoming crowd, 3 more fell. A small party of zombies ran towards Tonya’s flank. I quickly juggled for my grenade and tossed it in their direction. Zombie parts flew and scattered onto the streets. Tonya hunched over from the loud explosion.

The sailor entered an empty shop to gather his senses.

Turn 21
(Zombies = No activation)
Tonya stared at the endless pack of zombies and braced for another confrontation. I searched my shop into hopes of a first aid kit. I looked as if Tonya was going to need it. The Professor loaded another arrow into his crossbow and killed a nearby zombie, while the Sailor charged another.

Turn 22
(Zombies = No activation)
Tonya made a break for the helipad only to find the building infested with more zombies. I did the same and bolted for the building with the professor not too far behind me. The yelled for the Sailor to hurry as Tonya started the helicopter.

Turn 23

Tonya shot blew 3 away with her shotgun. I entered the building as an arrow zipped passed my head. The professor shot at a zombie in front of me and killed it. We could see the sailor making his towards us. He had opt for a shorter route by cutting through the small shops that lined the street.

The sailor was ambushed by 2 zombies but he was able to get rid of one.

The zombies inside our build charged us in the cramped space. We narrow hallways made it easy for us to dispose of them as the funnel their way to us one by one.

Turn 24
Tonya was charged by a pack of 4 zombies. In reaction, Tonya fired another shot and killed another with her hands. “Let’s go,” she said. She climbed into the cockpit as the helicopter revved at a higher rate. The Professor and I buckled up in the cabin as we watched the Sailor escape.

Unfortunately, the Sailor was slowed by 4 more zombies that leaked into his shop. It didn’t look like he was going to make it. He managed to take one out with a power swing to the skull. The zombie fell back into the rest of the zombies and it provided enough distance for the Sailor to escape. He ran towards our building as we waited patiently.

The Sailor limped toward the helicopter as I reached for his bloodied hand to pull him in. The helicopter lifted away from the rooftop as the zombies stared at our departure. There was hope for mankind…

Buildings searched: 1
5x Zombies killed: 10
Enemy survivors killed: N/A
Win scenario: 2

Scenario GP: 13
Saved GP: 23
Total GP: 36

Tonya is a Beast! Keeping her adjacent to the Sailor and Professor was key to making it to the helipad in time. Beck wasn’t so much of a concern because of her speed. Her movement speed can close the gap in one turn. With Beck, I just had to pick and choose my fights.

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