Year End Survey: What gaming magazine readers like. What do you like?

I was doing a survey for a end of year ‘what do you want more of’ survey by a forward thinking magazine in our space.

Which got me to thinking about all you groovy readers here. Over the past few years my volume of posts has gone down a fair bit, but the pages viewed per visitor as stayed fairly constant 3.2 vs 2.8 per visit. Meaning despite a reduction on visits driven by post volume you are still reading or looking at or watching the same amount. Nice!

Two years ago I posted 900+ items to the blog this year just 355.

So back to the magazine. The editor for the survey asked “What people like best and what type of articles were most liked”, 50% said they liked the enclosed game more than full color layout the next closest was 25% liking the articles [57 respondents,  survey just came out today FYI.]

56% liked reviews best versus interviews after action reports and scenarios.

More than 50% play wargames and some strategy games with just 15% playing only historical games. 57%+ play WWII titles [ duh] and 29% Ancients with Post WWI figuring in at 26%.

So how about you?

What type of games?

Which Eras? I would add a break down – WWIII :

Era of choice?

The obvious and the interesting:

72% said full color was best with a game. But 57% also said no they would not pay slightly more for a [extra PDF copy] added to the sub. Here I differ. I would love a PDF copy I can take with me and a hard copy for the desk or bedside or collectible. 43% said they would close race there!

Over here what format would you like to see more of?

What type of posts do you want to see more of?

Happy New Year.









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