WWI new title release in 5 days?

A month ago I mentioned how I would be interested in trying this new game that HP and Vento Nuovo Games would be releasing.

Well the time is upon us!

HP spokesman appear excited!

“1914: The World at War is an amazing addition to our list of “Printables” which offer our users high-quality content in the simplest way, delivered directly to their printer. Not only is the game simple and addictive, it provides an incredible amount of details and background research” says Laurent Molveau, Business Development Manager at HP.

Hit the link to read more, or visit the HP site above:

HP got games with Ventonuovo

Note there is a date error from Got Games regarding 2015, that should be 2014.

In 5 days the game is released in PnP format for all of us to try. Exploring the tactical details of 5 key battles of the Early parts of WWI. I will be looking forward to trying this pretty innovative approach to not only game publishing but game mechanics.


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