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Wilderness Empires

Well I did not think Seakings would make it. But it managed to squeak in at 105% of target @ 15.7k. Which is down from the 300% of target for their 2nd project which did 300+ percent and New York 1776 which popped 600+ % ( on a very small capital amount $2,500) which is an interesting trend. I hope this Wilderness title does well. The do have one cool stretch goal – custom dice. But have only place holders for the rest.

Why not put some more intermediate level goals – move from a paper map to a mounted map? Larger blocks?

A piece of art work from the game or the artist added to the game? This game appears to be priced right unlike Seakings. $55 is a reasonable price based on the description, and components. The game is aimed at 10+ year olds, so this may well be a nice game to play with the youth!

The first 3-4 orders are in! Off it goes.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!!! I’m soooo backing this one. It’s about time they got back to awesome. Hold fast and 1776 are my choices for 2 best games published this year.

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