Worthington games KS coming – HF Afrika.

From the brothers Worthington:

We have taken the HOLDFAST SERIES and gone to the desert with Rommel and Monty.  HOLDFAST NORTH AFRICA will be coming up on Kickstarter at the end of January.  The game will feature all of the hard hitting fast playing action of World War II found in Holdfast Russia and Korea.  The game will be much closer to HOLDFAST RUSSIA.  The situation in North Africa is very similar to Russia.  The game picks up with the Germans coming to fight alongside their Italian allies against the British in the desert.  He’s included some interesting options such as the distribution of each side’s air power over Malta and the devotion of resources there to keep German supplies coming.  Each bit of air power over Malta may allow extra resource points to Rommel, but the air power isn’t on the battlefield helping there.  An interesting risk reward decision for the field commander………


I wonder what scale?

I wonder how maneuver will work given the ‘width’ of the island of Afrika… Yeah its an island. Sea on one side and impenetrable sand on the other.

I think these are super intro games but just not for me. Go get ya sum and bring a new friend into the hobby, if you can afford the entry price which is sure to be int eh $50-65 range money upfront…

Oh and while on a block theme….

Richard Borg and Command & Colors joining the Worthington Team:

Richard Borg, designer of the classic Command & Colors series has partnered to do a space themed game using the Command & Colors system.  We are very excited about this.  Look for updates soon.

Then the shining star in Worthington Games portfolio:

Band of Brothers – Mike has sent all files to the printer to send us hard proofs which we expect in the next 2 weeks for all game components except the rules.  We are finalizing the rules layouts and remaining minor edits with Jim (Sean is working on them as I type this).  So it means we are in the last steps before the actual printing.  This means the games will not be here in February, however, we are nearly there now with this mammoth project.  Jim has done an outstanding job on proofing and making sure everything is right.


This makes me happy. I am still unsure what I think about the system, but I enjoyed my first play.


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