Worldwide Highest Grossing Movies 1989-2014

So much little knowledge gained.

Are these highest grossing opening, for the full year, for opening weekend ? I’d rather see inflation adjust dollars or ‘todays dollars.

Some serious turds here. But we know that Rotten Tomato (austin based ) has it’s head up it’s ass as usual.

Because Titanic was bullshit, Armageddon was #win and Frozen was so bad even my kids saw through the dogma.

That and anyone who did not give The Dark Knight, Toy Story 3 and LOTR over 90 is likely a fool.

Was 2014 THAT bad for top grossing movies?

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Highest Grossing Movies 1989-2014

  1. How very depressing. It certainly answers the (unasked) question of why there are so many crappy sequels to mediocre movies. I do hope you are kidding about Armageddon. I would put that somewhere in the bottom three along with Ghost and Transformers. Utter crap.

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