World at War, Paris is Burning Expectation Setting.

Lets face it. We have all wanted to go to Paris, France at one point or another. Whats not to like?  Tree line boulevards, Espresso, Cafe culture, fine art, amazing food. Its even better now. It has tanks. M60-A3 , AMX 30, T-72’s. Oh yeah and a whole lot more. Read on.

Defend the Eiffel Tower from a crater in Paris, who needs side walk cafes?

 Good Things.

1 page of rules.  Yes you read that correctly. One page of new rules.  All good chrome that wont spoil the base system.

Use the TUS Rules or Blood and Bridges as your base.

French Tanks Defend Paris

New things

Specialized Infantry units with+’s in essence larger units with more steps or better fire power for various reasons, some also book specific and game series specific:

More powerful and specialized Infantry units

New things
The Dahl Formation – a mishmash of fighters, US, Polish etc. Good story stuff!

More powerful and specialized Infantry units

New things

Formation chits for move and fire.
What I hear you say?  Yes some added mechanics. In certain scenarios certain formations will be allowed to move or fire, but not both.  This can reflect any number of situations, morale issues, command and control issues

Rubble and Craters, provide cover and movement influences.

Hero to the Rescue? Or meat for the Grinder?

More New things

HEROES!  If you are a fan of the Revelation book by Mark Walker, you will love this. Characters make an appearance. They dont unduly imbalance, upend or interfere with the game. They do add flavor and a personal touch.  Primary impact is in close assault.

Spteznatz – hard to see, hard to kill is all I’m gunna say.

That is a big ass gun!

and Snipers. Ouch. Cool idea. Snipers can disrupt enemy units (infantry only)

Kill a Politician to end the war?

I forgot to mention this: Politicians. Yes! you can now get your own back and kill a politician.  Mitty is the target and victory condition in a scenario.

The scenarios are numerous (8), I looked these over and good re play-ability is evident, and they carry a nice enough storyline thru the streets of Gay Paree.  Once again, fans of the Military fiction book Revelations (here is a review: ) will enjoy Hudsons laconic, fatalistic opinions on where shit is headed in some scenario description!

His ‘girlfriend’ makes a last minute appearance in the afterward, when the credits are rolling.  Sweet….as in sweet because if you know who she is it means trouble is brewing.

Final Thoughts

Some folks got worried about the supernatural undertone to WaW scenario descriptions.  Really…..?….. Come on people.

When I say undertone I mean : “their minds were clouded by fatigue, weeks of war, and maybe something worse.”

Nothing to get your knickers in a twist about right?

As you can tell I love the theme of Cold War meets manifestation of Evil as a catalyst for something that should never happen (and thankfully did not). Walker limits the undertones to subtle items,and brings two of his interests together writing military fiction and designing war games.

So rest assured no platoons of zombies! No tank companies  with werewolves. LOL. Interestingly in this new universe of conflict- who know who will side with who, and who will fight against certain armies.  This brings a lot of freedom to the Franchise to explore new areas, alternate historical events, and pit disparate unique forces against each other.

Now I  WILL continue to write narrative around the WaW series – and I WILL weave the themes, characters and actions from Revelations into my stories. Thats me. Its how I roll. But likely nothing supernatural spooky in the Videos. So don’t be afraid:)

So if you dont like that just look at the pictures of tanks brewing up and mayhem. That to me is the essence of this game! Carnage on a tactical scale with weapons systems that crush anything that moves set in 1985, when the Cold War was festering along.  Each scenario to me is like a 30minute T.V. show about soldiers fighting for their country, and their lives.  You can see the muzzle flash, hear the roar of jets, feel the shells burst, watch your precious few men and tanks die.

The Mythical Russian Tank Black Eagle

Have Fun.

Oh and if you want to look  the Revelations book – this is the link it:

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