Really, it is just like GBoH!……

Well the direct comparisons for GBoH and Musket and Pike Series are many and none.

For starters they both have maps with hexes, and counters…..sigh. My idea of a fast start was derailed rapidly. The similarities are enough to actually cause assumptions. The differences are stark enough though to cause poor play. Tsk, Tsk. The good news is I was forced to read the rules thru and do a summary. The bad news is it took a while, and i am in one of those uber impatient modes.

So whats the deal? Here is my early take. M&P the Saints in Armor module uses the core rules and provides what appears to be some delicious play. Similar to GBoH there are several ways you can destroy your units.

Firstly, via the actual formation becoming shaken or broken. In fact you can break your own units if it is not in the right mode. A Normal formation will incur Formation hits for passing thru rougher terrain. You would then require Reforming.

Your enemy may inflict these types of hits via Artillery fire. Morale is another unit destroyer. Once shaken you are less effective and even less so once broken. These ‘hits’ are accumulated via close assault, melee or shock, whichever you choose to call it. Similar but very different in accumulation from GBoH.

The formation of course can take on actual hits, called Formation Hits similar to Cohesion Hits in GBoH. These various elements all have an impact upon each other as well to a degree.

The Formations themselves are run by Wing Commanders. Each Commander has 4 different modes that he will work in. He is either Charging, Making Ready, Receiving Charge or Reforming. Each has its restrictions for movement and combat and each has unique attributes. Changing this mode is a function of Leader skill and modifiers that might be influenced by the AC (Overall Commander) Ranged combat other than arty is done in adjacent hexes. Cavalry have pistols(which require reloading), and sometimes arquebusiers in tow. Heavy infantry are a mix of Pikemen and Arquebusiers. There is a fair amount of interaction between players as movement occurs. When will someone choose to ‘opportunity fire’ or reaction fire? Will Cavalry attempt to intercept the enemy infantry or the Cavalry?How much impact will have upon either of those units?

More as we learn the game.

I have a few videos coming for this battle also. Stay tuned

4 thoughts on “Really, it is just like GBoH!……

  1. I never got into the GBoH stuff, the work to fun ratio just wasn’t there for me, and I’m one that doesn’t shy away from the work portion when it comes to wargaming. The M&P series, however, is one of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed every battle that I’ve played.

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