Wittman’s Ghost Reprise [WaW]

Give the success of the first attack………………….. The Soviets use basically the same setup. Most of the Soviet Tanks hidden from sight, with Infnatry in the town and forest.

The genius, West Germans strike a brave pose and have at it. This time NOT splitting their meager counter attack forces……

Always a good idea! Start with a shelling of hapless units in woods. Wow! 3 hits no saves made!

I was so shock the image blurred.

He Germans approach carefully thru the woods. The Soviets plink back at anything in sight.

Chits will matter in this game. This is ok for the Germans as the Soviets are going to sit tight with 1st until needed.

They move off the plateau and into cover.

The chit pulls are not ideal but could be worse.


At the Start of Turn 2 the West Germans are closing slowly. Hoping for covering fire. The Designated Formation chit goes in the bucket for the Soviets.

The Germans are not able to avoid the extra dice and lowered to hits of ½ range fire. The T12 makes a mess of one platoon of Bundeswehr.

The Tanks are stuck stationary this turn for the Germans

With one platoon reduced, and the primary city hex reinforced, the choices are limited.

The Infantry fails.

Dying on the green grasses of the Fulda Gap is proving to be a habit for the Germans



At the start of T3 the German platoon is hanging awfully alone, the Luchs and Marders suppressive fire last turn had little effect. The tanks hang back waiting for T-72’s that never appear.

What do we do? The Suppressing fire finally kicks in. The HQ dies under the Marder, the Infantry go for broke and break on the wall that is the Soviet 2nd Airborne and the rest of the troops make a run for it. There is just no way that this is the right approach to take the town!

Back to the drawing board.


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