Winter War Turns 4-End [Chrono]

As we move into the game, a few things to note. Adjacent units must combat. Certain Finnish units are eligible to retreat before combat. It is all about odds here, not much high value terrain. With low movement rates, there is also very little ‘faking’ the move or direction of attack.

The larger more powerful 20 CF factor units are hard to bring to bear.

Turn 4

The attacks, and rolls for turn 4:



Losses Turn 4 –

Mannerheim line is breached!

Finnish Turn 4 attacks (white dice)


In the Finnish wilderness 1&2 Vol’s attack!

3:1 attack

The breach widens.

Heavy losses for the Finns this turn!

Turn 5.

Turn 6.

Into the breach go ski units, and units to slow down the Soviet advance.

Losses so far:

It has taken several turns for the soviets to come to grips with movement, supply and combat.

We can see however that the losses to date on Soviet side are slowing and the loss rate for the Finns continue to be at basically the same rate.

The losses mean little to the Soviets but every thing to the Finns whose smaller population, army and equipment means that any loss has an impact.

Next post we wrap up the rest of the game.


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