Will Hunters make top 10 @BGG?

With the rocketing popularity, and apparently deservedly so, of The Hunters, when will it crack top 10 best war games?

Well, is there not a “strict” formula? I hear you say.

I mean surely no game would receive any benefit or manipulation directly from the algorithm? Surely no one would torpedo the system…(did I really just do that?)

Kind of like Google…its an emotionless, un influenceable mathematical statement.

Then again, I have seen some inexplicable results, for games with similar views, vists, ratings, and favorites.

But I am confident that the system is never manually edited. Nor influenced by advertising dollar spend.

So lets ALL watch the BGG system go to work.

I hope that I am right as I write about the accuracy and un influenced rating system.

As of today: wargame rank 101.

Ratings: 194,

Comments 116


Average 8.16

Commarision: B-17 Queen of the Skies


ratings 1328


Ave. 6.82



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