WIF..What am I Afraid of?

How World in Flames Expansions fit together.

I keep looking at this chart… the pictures on BGG, and thinking man this looks good. But something deep inside says stay away!

Why is that?

One thought on “WIF..What am I Afraid of?

  1. The game is a true monster. In order to make it interesting I beleive that you want a lot of players and a lot of time. It has the potential of being very rewarding of course.
    I once went overboard and enlarged the game board and glued it to metal plates on the wall. We had a dedicated wargaming room back then. The board was 4 meters long and almost 2 meters high. Then we printed all counters, cut them and glued them on magnetic squares so we could play with the game on the wall. The investment was insane. I think it costed us almost 6000 Swedish crowns (maybe € 700) for the whole project and more hours of work than I could count. In the end…the game was too complicated for everybody to invest time to learn it and we never got to play at all. 🙂
    We should have begun with playing a small scenario with everyone first…but well, well, we learned a lot. 🙂

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