White Beach One, Peleliu

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3 waves of Marines.

Must capture 5 bunkers.

In 7 turns.

Facing 6 IJA squads, and 3 Weapons Teams.

The USMC are supported by 2 tanks and 105mm Arty every turn.

Landing craft are removed for each wave except the third wave.

Piece of cake for Pete. I play IJA and defender this time.


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A single map scenario.

2015-12-01 20.21.29

One IJA squad has this “Hail of Lead” chit. As long as it scores a hit it keeps firing. The hex where you see the abandoned counter is the hex of death. We force a rare abandon on the tank from a long range shot!

3 squads die there….But I am ahead of the story. 2015-12-01 18.14.54

As the US forces land the Marines take heavy  fire. With AT, HE and MG fire tearing into the forces.

Some forces make it into the Jungle clearing one hex on the left IJA flank and sweeping towards the IJA bunkers in heavy jungle.

2015-12-01 18.14.54

On the approach the assault team takes a loss, but now a tank is ashore! Things look grim for the IJA. Even though the IJA layered the defense to try and protect 2 bunkers (USMC must control 5 of 6 to win), these tanks will mess you up! Arty pounds the beach reducing IJA forces and wounding leaders! This might be over quick I’m thinking.

2015-12-01 19.04.33

Its at this poing we do mess up the Bunker rule as units inside can Opp Fire at units “on” the bunker hex, as if in clear.  This is done before the melee of the bunker is conducted! More Amphibs arrive! More USMC! Crud… but the losses mount as my ‘Hail of Lead’ card hammers the enemy.

2015-12-01 18.42.02

A sniper appears in the Jungle, pinning units on the beach! AT fire causes a tank crew to abandon…we double, triple checked the rules and ….damn if that aint the case! The hill on the Beach finally falls silencing the enfilade fire, that hex C5 was a mandatory must clear for the USMC.

2015-12-01 19.49.33

An Amphib brews up. Killing all aboard. Wave three now arrives and they power to the IJA right. seeking to get behind the bunkers and out of sight of the AT Weapons teams and ‘Hail of Lead’

Trapped in pillboxes the IJA cant effect their planed retreat to the rear. They elect to stand and die!

2015-12-01 20.00.09With just 1 turn left only two pillboxes have to fall. Flamethrowers and Satchel charges are deployed and hail mary shots taken. The toll mounts for both sides…. By mid turn 7 we realize the brave USMC just will not be able to reduce the enemy in time. It is a narrow, harrowing IJA victory  won at great cost. 5 of 6 squads and one leader dead the game was perfect in length for the IJA..and one turn short for the USMC!! :). The IJA was reduced to a sniper and a few weapons teams.

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Read more about more thoughts on bail outs and tank abandonment here .

Thankfully for the IJA this bail out did occur, otherwise it might well have been a cake walk for USMC? Time for a replay.

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