Which Designer do you own the most titles of?

Which designer occupies the most shelf space in your collection?

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For me there were some surprises and some obvious ones!

Dean Essig and Mark Herman feature prominently, then of course James Dunnigan and Richard Berg, Frank Chadwick along with Mark Walker and to a somewhat lesser extent Ben Hull. Interestingly with co-design credits Berg and Herman are about equal due to the GBoH series of Ancients titles. Other than those I own 8 Herman titles.

But there were a few surprises for me!

Namely Adam Starkweather, 17 John Balkoski games (its missing BaC and Stonewalls Last Battle from the listing.



It is interesting how regardless of interest or level of actual play some designers just keep popping up. Then other barely figure? Just a handful of Ty Bomba and Joe Miranda games. Two nostalgia holds on Charles S Roberts with D-Day and Stalingrad.  John Astell is designer whose games I cannot escape. not for love but more from inability to let the past die quietly and reverently. 5 of his Europa titles are still stuck in my closet. They really need to go.

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Other designers such as Von Borries, Kevin Zucker and Ted Racier for which I have just a smattering appear in larger numbers in many other players collections. The titles of theirs that I do own I enjoy very much. The designer’s that have grown in my collection recently have been Mark Simonitch (seven total), after tonight’s robust outing with Aredennes ’44 I am glad; and Emanuele Santandrea with the Blocks Series and Waterloo 200, excellent.

What are your most prevalent designers in your game collection?

Next we should chat about why we own certain designers!

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