5 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. If you don’t game an invasion of the Baltics, and I wouldn’t because it wasn’t much of a fight, I think you should skip ahead to the Soviet invasion of Finland on November 30, 1939.

    • Good idea. I think tho with Greece, Crete AND Balkans we got a game.
      It also ties to my experiences in DAK2, where the Commonwealth were constantly in a state of flux due to force draw downs for Greece, then there was the fall of Crete which impacts DAK2 also.
      For the Finnish side of things we could do Karelia 44?

      • No, I think the invasion scenario is much more interesting. The Finns hung on until Spring – the question is, can you duplicate their tenacity? There are some choices for gaming: there’s an old SPI title from 1972, Winter War, there’s a version for Europa, called A Winter War, and an interesting alternative titled Arctic Storm. A game is in development, The Finish Trilogy, by a small company called mikugames. The first game in the trilogy is the 1939-1940 invasion.

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