Where in the world is AtG Clue #5

Can you tell from this picture? NO



He is with these guys :  Attalus, Meleager, Ptolemy, Polyperchon and Philotas as well. NO

IMG_7064Where ever he is he brought Elephants and Funky Archers. Yes Funky with a “F”. NO


I hear ya, now its just annoying aint it.  Too much attention span over too many days… Tsk Tsk.  If you really want to know, you better dig thru my posts or find out by subscribing here(subscribers will be told the answer in a response email).  The answer comes soon.

These guys know where they are and why they are with Alexander the Great.



Sheesh Testy aint we. Well Alex is fighting these guys. Now that my friends, is a clue.  Still. In order to know FOR SURE. See the end of the post


Stay Tuned.

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