When and Where would you serve?

If you can be a soldier or a mercenary in any empire throughout history, which empire’s military do you want to serve the most?


6 thoughts on “When and Where would you serve?

  1. I want to be a Starship Trooper. Co-ed showers, platoon sargents who give you five extra minutes to let you finish banging your hot squad mate. Yeah, that’s the one all right.

  2. At the zenith of the Roman Empire is the most ready answer I have without going into extensive research. There are many reasons why.

  3. If Starship troopers was a real battle place there. Every gal was so hot.
    But Rhodesia with the Whites and blacks against communists killing both groups to take over country (matter if dact I almost joined up in the 79’s when my tour was up after Vietnam war was over. But I met my wife and she fulfilled me and I filled her, ugh uh ah. Yeah!

  4. Interesting Wars tuff Flying Spitfires in the battle of Britian sound good. Defending the Empire and at the pub each nite…..
    Any Merry Christmas and have a great boxing day Kev…
    . Watching cricket
    Aussies v England and Aust winning on the tv playing at the mcg

  5. Unpleasant as it would be, I read Battle Cry in 7th grade and it made a big impression on me. I’d have to say, US Marines, PTO, WWII, God help me.

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