7 thoughts on “Whats in the box! Aegean Strike

  1. Have you played this? Gulf Strike was a recent (last November) revelation to me and I LOVED it!!! I have barely scratched the surface, but I was impressed enough to go out and buy this (Aegean Strike), which uses the same rules.
    I pushed the cardboard around on this one in the intro scenario and I wasn’t sure how to win with NATO. If you would like to play through Vassal, let me know. I have been trying to get a game of either going for quite some time.

  2. Hey bud. Firstly sorry for dropping the ball on Coral Sea, I just cant seem to get motivated. Secondly – I have not played yet nor read the rules! Sooo. I would need to do that. How interactive is the game. Is PbEM possible or were you thinking Skype 2 Skype (s2s) sessions?

  3. I found this game very interesting, but sometimes complicated….. lots to remember, but enjoyable.

  4. Mark — play me Gulf Strike on Vassal. Pleeeeeeeeease? I’ve been trying to get in a game for months. No luck on CSW or BGG. I’m new to it and want to make sure I have it down. I’m looking to play the intro scenario.

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