What will AI do for wargaming?

I’m thinking about future wargames on PC, maybe smart AI on a VASSAL style engines. We can teach a stick figure to walk, run and jump. It can beat Go masters and Chess masters.

How will such advances impact our little corner of the world?

2 thoughts on “What will AI do for wargaming?

  1. I think it has exciting possibilities… however wargaming is a pretty complex business. Where as playing a game of go requires actions that the AI can learn through trial and error, the AI can’t really go off the rails too much when deciding what move to make. In a war game, the AI could make decisions that would make absolutely no sense to us, but from a computational standpoint are valid. This would be difficult if you are trying to play a historical war game because the AI is going to try to win by any means necessary even if that means going outside of historical outcomes.

  2. I’m playing a lot of Strategic Command WWII in Europe lately. That’s the scale and type of PC game I always like best. And it’s a ton of fun, but I have to play intentionally badly to give the AI even a prayer. I’ll be happy when that improves some.

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