What Games do you play the most?

I was sitting on a bus for 7 hours.

I was cramped.

It was cold.

It was loud.

There was no cell reception.

The chanting if 40+  11-12 year boys rang in my ears.

2014-03-28 10.08.05

The faint but growing smell of stale muddy shoes, ripe socks, crushed cheezits, candy wrappers and day old urine melding into a particularly noxious odour wafted in my direction, invading all my senses.

Closing my eyes I began a mental count of the titles I had played the most. Perhaps this will make the time pass? I was too tired to read my kindle and the light above my set refused to stay on at every bump and sway, so no books could be read in the dark.

I knew it would boil down to just 2-3 titles that were played significantly more than others.

Looking at this discretely I knew World at War and Lock n’Load as 2 different series lumped together the same for SPQR/Alexander + other Great Battles of History titles would be at the top of the list.

I was more curious about the 4th and 5th ranked games than anything else.

As we bounced and bopped along, I tried to screen out the blaring speakers of sound pouring over me. The wash of the sound track from Despicable Me jarring my tiny mind.

“Where are my head phones?”..sigh..

This morning after a sound sleep in my own precious bed, showered and sipping real coffee for the first time in 3 days I casually looked at BGG and my Friendless server listings.

Yep – World at War clocked in across the series with 82+ plays.

LNL was right up there also with 74 sessions.

GBoH across 5+ titles had 60 plays, so I was right there but what about slots 4 and 5?

The Russian Campaign with 27 (spanning 20 years, I estimated 10 plays across my youth when I started logging), so lets drop this and focus on ‘recent’ plays in the last 3-4 years when I returned to gaming. the same for Firefight, Sniper, Cityfight and other older titles.

Combat Commander was a surprise! 16 plays!

TCS and SCS as systems would be almost a tie for 5th place with over a dozen plays across many wonderful titles.

Then Blocks in the East & West with 8 plays. Then followed quickly by Command & Colors Napoleonics with 6, Raid n’Riposte with 6 and finally Angola with 5 plays.

Seemed fitting that Angola would have 5 and soon to be 6 as I headed off at Noon today to once again wage war in the Dark Continent and fight out that bloody Civil War once more in what is likely the best or 2nd best multi player wargame I have ever played!

What have you played the most of?


4 thoughts on “What Games do you play the most?

  1. In total number of games, without a doubt it would be “The Korean War” (Victory Games). In total hours spent gaming, it would probably be “Vietnam: 1965-1975” (Victory Games); 4 full campaign games at about 120-150 hours apiece.

    • AWESOME!! I’ve only had the pleasure of one minor scenario of Vietnam a couple of decades ago. I’d love to experience it, but rule overhead is daunting. Where as Korea I eagerly await a time to play soon, my minty up copy.

  2. Kev, my top 5 games played, nowhere near as heavy as what you have posted, but enjoyable none the less.
    1. Combat Commander- including Pacific and all modules 146
    2. Command and Colors Ancients – and all modules 25
    3. Twilight Struggle 23
    4. Rise of the Luftwaffe – including all modules and Zero! 23
    5. Men of Iron – including Infidel, Blood and Roses, Kulikovo, Suleiman, Agincourt – 20.

    • wow 146 CC session that is big. I know dudes on BGG claim 400+ plays. Amazing. I was a fan, but now since Game On! a much larger fan. Never played Rise of the Luftwaffe.

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