3 thoughts on “What did You Work on This Weekend?

  1. GBII?

    I ended up combining my GBII/CB stuff all together. Also have all of the OCS markers from all the different games in one 3701 plano, got sick of having to dedicate a tray or two for markers for each game.

    1. LOL!!!
      This is CB. I’m carefully going thru my CB counters and filtering out the dupes from GBII, i.e. GD, elements of 35Mot., 1,2nd Pzr.
      I can only hope that the transfers all make sense and I dont end up with 2 copies of Panzer Lehr of 9th Panzer roaming around.
      I have a small Plano with TBL info counters. But I think I will keep CB/GBII separate. I’m also wary of blending the two games…but I have not played combined together yet. So how I expect to sort that post game I have no idea!
      I’m also wondering just how many air to punch if I have all the new GBII air already done…We will wait to see!
      I think all the others I own are already punched and sorted.

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