Weekly Wargame Chat, Sat 7th May


Poor Audio might make this too hard to hear. I’ll work on it.
We spend not much time on actual topic, but do cover – Edelweiss, Summer Storm, Air War and some others as far as that goes.

Then delve into game play, Grognard Sims, Next War, Last Blitzkrieg, Island Wars, Devils Horsemen, Battle for Leningrad, Putin Strikes, and some comments Military strategy in Modern war in Poland as well a short chat about most significant Empires in Pre Modern era. Plus more.

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One thought on “Weekly Wargame Chat, Sat 7th May

  1. Aaarrgghhh, you talked about The Devil’s Horsemen and I missed it?!?!? [Pounds head on table]. I’ll try it and see if I can hear well enough, wish I’d been there live.

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