Week Two [Turn 2 TWW]


NATO Nuclear Arty only 13

Soviet 8 (50%)

Both sides escalated and are now eligible to use Nuclear Arty.

White House

“Mr President, NAP means that we are now in a spiral sir.” Said a General in a concerned tone. “One that will surely escalate!”

“I understand that General, listen to me, you have spent the last hour explaining why we are going to lose the war due to my predecessors peace stance and winding down of military capability along with the Euros.” He paused. ” Am I right….? Ok, so if we really are doing to do this then lets nip it in the bud. Any Divisional commander may now authorize NAP, to inflict damage and slow down the Russians. Do not escalate beyond this until ordered other wise. Am I clear?

“Yes Sir” Came the chorus.

“We are clear for Nuke Arty release! ” Shouted the Officer across the din of the planning room in Belgium. A pall fell over the Europeans, through the cigarette smoke, hard men exchanged glances. US EUCOM staffers dashed out telex messages to DIVCOM staffers, release orders were signed, codes issued.

“With air losses as they are you cant expect any less” said one of the US officers to the Belgians and French near him. ” How do you say? – Bullshit…we can hold them!” Said a French colonel.  “I strongly doubt it, you are being shot out of the air twice as fast as the wargaming suggests. This war is lost in two weeks unless your boys learn how to fight.”

A roaring argument ensued the noise level escalated. A single 9mm shot was fired. “Now that I have your attention gentlemen, are the accumulated losses a foreshadowing of things to come or merely a bump in a rocky road? We must plan for the worst, release the codes”

The General holding the pistol aloft continued “While many Soviets forces have fallen to the valiant efforts of NATO, the Soviet skill and quality of air has returned the favour. In the Northern front losses have been almost 1 for 1. An unacceptably high rate for the NATO side.”

A runner burst into the Ops Room!

[Western and SW 5 Brigades theater OOS.]

“The Yugoslav Army Center for Joint Intelligence reports that their long standing enemies have been sighted moving forces on the border and wonder when we will send them reinforcements?”

The General holsters his sidearm and gets back to work. Angry looks are exchanged between US and NATO workers.


[Western Front Alps and Istanbul montage]


“Comrade General our forces smashed into the unprepared Yugos. This will be over shortly.

Our plan is to be in Venice with in three days.”

For the Soviet commander he was perhaps a little over optimistic!. The Jugos fight tirelessly, Throwing meager forces into the path of the onslaught. They die in droves. Italy having shipped many troops to Turkey, She is furiously assessing how to plug the Northern hole in their defenses. Plans are made to shuttle troops back as the USA has nothing to offer in the air or on the ground.

Later in the week more bad news pours in from the front for NATO. Denmark is close to collapse, and the Soviets continue their attacks along the Northern coast line. NORHAG may disintegrate.

The British make a valiant stand in and around Hambourg, and are all that stands between a major break thru. Below Istanbul holds on grimly.

The US  Gulf forces move on Estfan and plug the mountain passes leading to the oil fields.

With this area contained the US orders troops North to hunt and destroy all Rebel Iranians and Soviet forces found.



The massive bombardment on Kiel does not dislodge the Danes. They may hold for the rest of the week, but surely will collapse soon there after.

Syrian forces strike deep into Turkey’s eastern provinces.

The Syrian forces stream into Eastern Turkey from the South wrecking a path of destruction! Using airborne to get past the mountains and trap forces!



Arctic Front

Holding, a lone US fighter squadron is dispatched to intimidate the Soviet Bombers in the Arctic.


Central Front

US and German forces perform surgical counter attacks inflicting modest losses on fresh Soviet forces. Forcing the Soviets to retreat.

“Yes Mr. President Sir, I will pass on your commendation.” Said the Field general. “Please understand sir that while this is a win for us….we have a long way to go.”…He hangs up. Shakes his head and looks at his staff.

” We are royally fucked if this guy thinks we attacking any further out of these woods. Get me some more ammo and

tell the boys to rotate out the fractured units. The Danes are out of the fight. We got a world of hurt coming!”


Grimly, regiments of Marines hang on, Spaniards fight, Greeks attempt to flank the PACT forces. Both sides pound away at each other. The Soviets appear to be taking high losses.

Persian Gulf

END Turn 2

Lets review what we thought might happen here:


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