Oil Wars Meeting in the Sands [WAW] Scn3

The Mech heavy Marines enter into a telling conflict with  dozens of platoons of Soviet T-72‘s.

Fearlessly the USMC enters the fray. Relying on superior armour, and co ordination. Not to mention the testy fighting spirit of the 2nd MEU.  If the US can break the Soviets here it will buy the Iranians the time they need, and slow the advance on Tehran.


3 thoughts on “Oil Wars Meeting in the Sands [WAW] Scn3

  1. I enjoyed the series. I will have to get Line of Fire so I can try this battle out myself! Using the colored dice was a good idea.

  2. its kick ass. I enjoyed using the USMC counters. The series adds a dimension with every issue of LOF.
    YOU got OWNED TUESDAY!!!!!
    P.S. Zun Tzu software does have a online multiplayer Version. Its just harder to set up fyi.

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