Regarding a plausible theory of the genesis of the Lycans, aka Werewolves, for the WaW Universe [narrative]

An entertaining  back story on the conflict between Vampire and Werewolf, and its impact upon Romania and the 11th Crusade.

Ancient History

The son of Pelasgus by Meliboea was the King of Arcadia who sired a son Lycaon (LUKAWN).

Lycaon disdained his father’s worship of Zeus. Upon Pelasgus’s death, Zeus wanted to see for himself the irreverence of the people and Lycaon, the son of the King in particular.

Lycaon wanted to affront Zeus in a spectacular way. He took his grandchild, a mere stripling and dismembered and sacrificed him on an altar then proceeded to present the child as a banquet feasting piece during the feast held at the zenith of the moons brightness. By sacrificing his grandchild Arcas and serving that child to the god, Lycaon tried to test Zeus.

Zeus, transforms Lycaon

Zeus, angered at the effrontery of the mortal threw thunderbolts destroying Lycaon’s palace. Zeus, in pity and charity then restored the child to life.

The Gods rage shook the foundations of the city and palace. Lycaon in fear fled along with his sons. All 50 of them (dirty bugger). Zeus hunted them all down. Each was changed into the likeness of a wolf. Zeus proclaimed mightily that the sons of and progeny of Lycaon would forever desire the flesh of man.

The sons and Lycaon fled Arcadia. Some fled north thru Macedonia, modern day Bulgaria and as far north as Romania.

These wolves formed packs, took human lives and bred with women they stole from tribes along the way. Their evolution over the centuries amongst the 50 packs took many twists and turns. The wolf men, could not breed out their taint and curse from Zeus. No woman’s womb survived the savage birth, as the wolf child was always born on a high moon night, hungry for flesh of man. Many found their way into Romania where they found conflict, mystery and an eternal enemy. They became the Lycans

Talk about indigestion?

One son fled south. Eunomus was his name. He bred with a woman from the wandering Dorians who had migrated to the Peloponnese. Eunomus’s son formed the tribe known as the Lacedaemonians. In the Trojan era this race of men grew in power over their neighbors. Eunomus and his family managed and controlled the changes in their appearance over time, using herbs and medicines to mitigate the worst of the change. Yet each man born was beyond the size and strength of normal men of the day, and the tribe grew in power and prominence.

Menelaus was a descendant of Eunomus. His beautiful queen Helen was the downfall of Troy. From this tragic story Menelaus and his tribe realized that they required more than just a powerful King, but an army of disciplined warriors.

From this bloodline came a series of behind the scenes leaders, who guided the Lacedaemonian to their full potential; the formation of Sparta. It was the famous Legislator for Sparta Lycurgus who showed the Spartans how a communal, and martial society could dominate in isolation and imbued the fear of Spartans on the march to influence diplomacy.


The Helots served as slaves and food.  Outsiders were forbidden. Oracles consulted and paid, sacrifices made and the Spartans grew in knowledge about their curse. The Warrior ethos manifest itself as the tribe matured they turned their raging desire for flesh of man towards discipline and martial practices. Eventually women could be brought to term with out losing them by inducement prior to the full moon.  This weakened the curse but did not eradicate it entirely.

Lycurgus is a direct descendant of Lycaon.  He carried the blood of the first wolfman and the desire to see vengeance wrought upon the worshippers of Zeus handed down to him.  The Spartans were long haired, powerful and terrifying in battle.

Lycurgus guided Sparta to its destiny as a powerful nation state with aspirations of regional dominance.

In the North in modern day Romania, the Getae were a fierce tribe who traced their bloodlines back to Lycaon.  Lycaon and several of his sons’s had settled in the area. The Getae did not develop their society, nor transform their breeding habits as rapidly or as effectively as the Spartan nation. Yet they grew powerful for a time, but were eventually overcome by the weight of history.

These two tribes appeared to fade from memory as other nations conquered and grew. That is until 1965.

Modern History

In 1965, Nicolae Ceauşescu came to power and started to pursue independent policies, such as being the only Warsaw Pact country to condemn the Soviet-led 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia, and to continue diplomatic relations with Israel after the Six-Day War of 1967; establishing economic (1963) and diplomatic (1967) relations with the Federal Republic of Germany. Also, close ties with the Arab countries (and the PLO) allowed Romania to play a key role in the IsraelEgypt and Israel PLO peace processes.

But as Romania’s foreign debt sharply increased between 1977 and 1981 (from 3 to 10 billion US dollars),[the influence of international financial organisations such as the IMF or the World Bank grew, conflicting with Nicolae Ceauşescu‘s autocratic policies. He eventually initiated a project of total reimbursement of the foreign debt by imposing policies that impoverished Romanians and exhausted the Romanian economy, while also greatly extending the authority of the police state, and imposing a cult of personality.

In reality Ceauşescu was a Lycan supporter. His family and his ‘tribe’ are indirectly related to the Lycaon family, as former vassals. WWII had depleted the ability for the Vampiric state of Romania to fight off the Lycans. In a bold uncharacteristic move for the Lycans they engineered the death of the Romanian President assumed power via the death of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, This power transition was bloody but quiet. For 1000’s of years the werewolves had lived in the shadow of the Vampire state, persecuted and hunted like animals by the Vampire forces. Payback is a bitch.

Ceauşescu had initiated an anti Soviet position and opened relations with the west and had Soviet Russia withdraw from Romania in 1958. Were the Russians backing the Vampires or some other faction or influence?

In early 1971 Ceauşescu delivered a speech that outlined 17 proposals to rebuild Romania. The Party would build upon the insights Ceauşescu had allegedly gained whilst visiting The People Republic of China and North Korea. Intensive political and ideological programming was initiated to enable a mini cultural revolution.  Much like the rigorous indoctrination Lycurgus fostered in Sparta.

The backbone of this revolution was a return to the original ideals of Sparta. Ceauşescu was tasked by the quiescent remnants of Spartan supremacy to aid building the economy and the mindset of the people in preparation for the fruition of their long-term plans.

In the 1980s, Ceaușescu ordered the export of much of the country’s agricultural and industrial production in order to repay its debts. The resulting domestic shortages made the everyday life of Romanians a fight for survival as food rationing was introduced and heating, gas and electricity black-outs became the rule.  The head of security (Securitate) was a vampire loyalist Pacepa. High up in the power ranks of Ceauşescu’s party he defected to the USA in 1978.  From that time on the revelation that Ceauşescu’s had been spying on the USA and other allies lead to isolation internationally for Romania.  The consequence was a drastic suppression the economy. This was a calculated plot aided by the USA to subvert from within the Lycan state.

In the 50’s the Lycans had used Romania as the opening of the battle against their persecution by the Vampires. During those years after WWII they were quiet successful due to the depletion of power caused by WWII in the Vampiric state of Romania. This brought about the rise of Ceauşescu  in 1974 he was installed as the Lycan puppet leader. The wolves had attained a step towards freedom.

Over the course of the next decade thru 1984 plans were made to do the same in the old lands of Sparta, their motherland.

Rise of Sparta, The 11th Crusade

By the late 70’s infiltration and co-option of Greek politicians’ was only mildly successful. It was not until 1978 when Andreas Papandreou the Prime Minster of Greece (1980-1989) was recruited that plans began to mature for the Lycaon’s. The Lycan intention was to create a super state of Greece and Romania.

Invasion plan + local uprisings. [note current geopolitical map 2011

Preparations were under way secretly for Greece and Romania to join their borders. Bulgaria would be come part of a new state Sparta.

This of course could not be done without international condemnation. Greek and Romanian diplomats who were part of the Lycan conspiracy began to feed the Catholic states information about the reality of Vampires in Romania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.  With Romania being their ancestral state.

By May 1985 the Pope,took Catholic  Brasil and Mexico into confidence. They were recruited to initiate a Crusade. The Papacy was thankful for the knowledge and sought a colation of Catholic dominate countries to support its cause. Africa was the next stop on a world tour to raise money and a Papal global army.

With this in train all that stood between the Lycan Agents of Greece  and Romania was Bulgaria, whose army was impoverished.  But what to do about Yugoslavia? The Slavs would fight hard, but likely factionalize into constitutions based on ethinicity. Lycan agents had been long at the task of fanning the flames of ethno-centrism in the Muslim, Catholic, Serbian/Bosnian populaces. Papal forces would be directed to aid that effort as well.

Whilst the world scoffed at the mere concept of a Crusade in this day and age, Greece and Romania planned their lightening invasion of Bulgaria.  Coming out on the side of the Catholic Church was a stroke of genius, as long as no one new the Ancestry of the Lycans. The Lycan clans would be united.

Greek Armour

Whilst Romania dutifully provided what resources it could to fulfill Warsaw Pact treaty obligations, they kept a wary eye on events locally and the Catholic Church. The exposure of the Vampiric State came as a surprise to the world, but more importantly was viewed as insanity by the public at large.  They had not seen the images of war from the Eisenbach gap.  They had not seen the horror unleashed, the insanity. The puppet masters, driving Soviet & US intent knew the reality all too well. Some knew of the Greco-Romanian plan, and chose to ignore it, others were working feverishly in the background to halt the Crusade.

Meeting of the “minds”

They had no stake in world Hegemony. They sought the elimination of their enemy and a homeland for their people to live openly instead of in fear. They could drive a wooden stake in the heart of Vampiric intent, being on the side of right versus wrong, in this instance. This would then allow time for the world to become used to a new race of beings that have existed for millennia and were the creation of a God spited by the hubris of Man.

They had a plan.

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