Waterloo 200

Game play @ Emerald Tavern & Cafe. The game is still going strong! A real challenge to master!


Carrick and I saddled up for a game play of Waterloo 200. This time I got to take the French. After being soundly trounced as the French in my first game play of that side I was determined not to see a repeat.

We had one outstanding item which manifest it self mid game.

That of Leadership ‘activation’ when in a contested area. The Rules in 2 areas say one thing but high intensity debate exists on BGG regarding ‘intent’. We played RAW, and said a TAc Ldr in a contested area may not move nor activate.

I also wonder about LOC. IF an area you ‘own’ is attacked by the enemy can you still trace LOC thru it? Seems logical you could not, but the rules state otherwise.

Opening moves:

2015-08-11 18.18.05

The Orchards fall quickly. Supported by a Leader.

W get lucky with some weaker unit sin Pappolette!

We get lucky with some weaker units in Pappolette! 

An early press of the Guard, and positioning for attack on Le Haie occurs in the very first round.



The Guard trades places and storms Le Haie. Yes its ahistorical… deal with it. An Optional rule no doubt will arise to limit the Guard, offer up Blucher and add variability to the Prussian arrival time

2015-08-11 18.54.01-0016


Below with Papolette secure Milhuad moves his cav the threaten the Allied Left. [ I hope here to draw some of Uxbridges forces to that side of the board and weaken the center a little.

In the mean time Chateau Goumont is reinforced (Carrick swaps out a unit)

2015-08-11 18.54.06-0015

The Guard weakens the critical center VP location but not before the Brits disentangle themselves and send fresh forces in to replace the units from Picton and Orange.2015-08-11 19.12.03-0014Stymied again and we fall short. Tactical Ldrs are bleeding stars and I need to cut off Le Haie….

2015-08-11 19.13.24-0013


I close up and brace for counter attacks that never come. Then I see the chance! Lobeau and Reille charge the center behind Le Haie! But will it be enough? I know he has at least one leader there and one broken down unit from rotating out of combat….

2015-08-11 19.25.55-0012


Big hits are put on the supporting forces but not enough to clear the area!!!

The Brits counter with one of Hills units.

2015-08-11 19.52.25-0011


Another question

A wash for the British attack. But not so for the French! Not enough to knock them out, but enough to weaken them for a kill shot!

2015-08-11 19.55.41-0009


In the mean time the Guard busies itself with taking the Gravel Pits on the Left of Le Haie Sainte.

2015-08-11 20.14.02-0007


Once the Pits clear , Lobeau exits the area and Cambronne and Vial help the units from Reile kill off two Leaders and take the area. This is where the LOC rule is breaking down a bit for me..but so be it.

2015-08-11 20.22.03-0006

Now  into turn 2 we see the dead pile mount to the last critical few.

2015-08-11 20.22.07-0005

The French have precious few stars on Leader for combat support, so they must choose carefully.

2015-08-11 20.23.19-0004

Little can happen in the center as units are out of command range, and this leaves just D’Erlons corp to do some damage.  Reinforcements are pressed forward and support Milhaud and the Guard.

OVERVIEW:2015-08-11 20.27.09-0003

2015-08-11 20.48.03-0002


Uxbridge counter attacks! But is rebuffed.

D’Erlons men pounce knocking out Uxbridges arty and that triggers the 10 unit cap. Auto Victory for France.

2015-08-11 20.56.50-0001



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