Wargaming: “I’m a Rookie”

Yes, I’m a rookie. I made one more step towards becoming more of a tried and true wargamer today. I visited both Home Depot and Harbor Freight. If you are a rookie like myself, then you may be asking yourself, “What did you get there?”

For those that have been around for a concrete amount of time probably are already aware of what I might have purchased. So enough beating around the bush, on to some good purchases for all your rookie wargamers!

First stop, Home Depot. Walk and ask your friendly home depot employee where the tile aisle is at. Once you are armed with this information, march yourself down to the tile aisle and head towards the back of the isle (most likely). Once you get near the end of the aisle, look for a section with a number of small accessories. You should see a number of boxes which contain the following, in a number of various sizes… TILE SPACERS!

So what in the world do you use these for? It was described to me by a veteran wargamer far beyond my years that these can be used for marking various actions within games. For example, one could mark units that have moved, units that need to be moved, or units not able to be moved. Translate this example on moving to any action you might find. They’re cheap, around $3.00 for around 250 of them. And now with that accomplished, we head onto Harbor Freight!

Once you’ve arrived at Harbor Freight, look down at your feet to avoid purchasing anything else and immediately ask the friendly employee where you might find tweezers. Do this to avoid finding anything else that you must have around the house, so as to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses. Hopefully, for your wallets sake, they’ll lead you directly to the aisle containing the tweezers. There you should find a number of sets, which you can pick between to your liking. I chose a four-pack as it contained two bent tip tweezers, as all the other packs only contained one. Pick what looks best to you and quickly head for the register.

Here’s a picture of my recent haul.

I’ll possibly be posting more of these as I discover more on my path to becoming a tried and true veteran wargamer! If you’ve made it this far, let me know if these have been helpful to anyone. Here’s to the enjoyment of the hobby!

3 thoughts on “Wargaming: “I’m a Rookie”

  1. I have yet to find the really skinny looking tile spacers anywhere around these parts (like the bottom right ones from above). Two things I also have on my “must have” list of goodies is an exacto knife to cut counters from the sheets and a nice pair of toe nail clippers to trim the up.

  2. Yeah, I don’t recall seeing those really skinny ones. I do recall a size smaller than the ones I got (pictured lower left corner).. however, I’m guessing they are more like either of the top two and not the ones you mentioned.

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