Wargame Table: More Progress v2.0

Got some more progress in prior to heading into work, however was unable to get a post up prior to leaving, so here it goes up after work.

I screwed in the boards running lengthwise on my sheet, and secured them. Came out nicely – has a nice snug fit on the table. Here’s some shots of my progress:

One of my two little helpers! She wasn’t too keen on the flash, however popped up when snapping this.


“Hey Dad! Watch the eyes!”

Side shot – I had toyed with going with some 1 x 6’s, however opted for the cheaper option of the 1 x 4’s. Looking back, I’m happy with the 1 x 4’s, as I have a tight enough fit to prevent any movement.

From the bottom – here’s what it looks like. Pretty much a sled design – next step as I’m doing this is to finish the “box” to secure the table in both directions.

Again, I make no claims to be a woodworking expert. At best, I’m a hack – but hey I don’t want to drop TONS of money into a table, I want to drop TONS of money into wargames, and have a functional table to play them on!

Here’s how the table sits as I post this. Got my “box” finished. Struggling with where to proceed next – most likely will seat the sheet on top and test it for strength/etc and see how it works. I hesitate to attach anymore pieces as I still wish to add some cup holders; problem is, with my current plans to secure the felt with spray adhesive, I need to have all pieces secured PRIOR to attaching the felt. I’m also struggling with how-to approach allowing for an extension for maps requiring a bit more space than 8′ – “It Never Snows” comes to mind, which requires 8.5′ in length. I’ve got some ideas but need to brainstorm some more things. Anyways, onto the shot:

Hopefully this will generate some ideas for all the folks out there so you can make use of furniture you already have in your possession.

2 thoughts on “Wargame Table: More Progress v2.0

  1. I’ve considered using the sled approach over a smaller table in order to lay out some of my bigger games. I’m interested to see how this turns out for ya.

  2. jk,

    I’ll hopefully have another post up in the next day or so. Got some more progress done just haven’t had time to get some shots/post.

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