War Diary Vol 1 #2 Review

For my money, an improved edition this time, better writing, better art work, improved layout. #win.

Things kick off with a bang as Steve Pole writes a great article on Napoleons drive into Russia, and then ties it nicely all back to his new title which I have had my eye on for a while.

I posted about it here: Napoleons Greatest Gamble – Invasion of Russia .  You can find the game here for 36 Euro ($46-48 USD)

The other articles I found interesting were the Legion Games interview with Randy Lien.  I don’t own any Legion games…. But I want to. I really wish them all the best. A pity that company is so short on capital.




then John Burtt who I think is an old school Grognard guy writes a super report on the Grognard Sims title from the Armoured Knights series. I had been looking at the Death Ride series for some time but did not want another monster tactical system. I wa sunaware the Chris Fasulo had this Armoured Knights game series also [ if someone has a cheap copy for sale let me know as I would like to review it].


I liked what I read about the variability of combat and the level of detail you may need to resolve to optimize combat. Three other titles in the series focus on, Operation Crusader and Venezia and one more modern title looking at Suez- called Operation Gazelle.



Smitty of Panzer Digest fame and Facebook game arrival images…..infamy does 2 quick reviews on the Hunter and Adobe Walls. I’m seeing a Legion Wargames theme and heavy advertising in mag for this issue!


Andy Loakes does a bang up job on his pending Legion Games game Toulon (which I have on pre order)…GO ANDY!!!! With a supporting article on the Fortresses of the era by Luc Olivier.

2014-08-05 17.02.13

Other do some solid reviews also, the OSG title gets a free pass in the review by Jim Falkus, but I’m letting my NLB annoyance filter in aren’t I!!

2014-08-05 17.02.20


Oh and John Firer provides a detailed scenario edit for one of Raciers games – Stalins war. This article could have used some images or table to make it easier to digest. Those type of articles are hit or miss. you like it if you own. It is meaningless if you dont.

12 thoughts on “War Diary Vol 1 #2 Review

  1. Sounds like it’s worth picking up.

    But dude, La Patrie en Danger is so much fun! Just let go of your filter.

    Like, get all zen.

    It’s pure enjoyment.

    • Dear Someone..;) NLB does not really represent Napoleonic conflict at the scale it is designed in. End of story.
      The system works wonderfully for the Days Series.
      If I have to ‘surround’ a unit to kill it, the system has failed. Dont get me started on Command, supply and …

  2. I’m definitely not qualified to go into detail about scale, and killing, and systems.

    I am, however, an expert at having fun. And dude, those games are so much fun!

    But I guess that’s a very subjective word…

  3. Kevin, thanks for your continued support of Toulon. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. It strikes me that less wargamers than I would have thought (dare I say especially American wargamers) know about this battle – a battle that could be argued to be the most important in Napoleon’s career. Hopefully the article will help address this.

    And I have to agree that I found this issue of WD an improvement on the first desopite the fact, IMO, the first was great too.

    • Andy, #2 was a big improvement on a good start with #1. Agreed. Not taking anything away from #1. I had same conversation with kids today…”Glad you are all working out, if you want to be competitive (and you can be) you need to desire to work harder and more”. That was taken as “I suck and I’m not doing enough….”sigh

    • Hi Lucas.

      I believe when Randy has Ici, DBP and the other game (can’t recall which) out of the door – hopefully later – this month, he’ll announce the next games to go to production; and I fully expect Toulon to be in that list. I think there’s a very real chance it will be out this year.

      And thanks for your support too 🙂

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