Walkthru WWII- Pre War actions & 1939 [Chrono]

For our Chronological walk through of World War II’s major campaigns we will use this timeline below as our primary guide sourced from www.historyplace.com , this includes some other comments on major events as well which I thought nice for further simple details. Inserted links will be to the AARs, reports and video of all the game play.

For each event we cover, I hope to have maps to see the actual actions, and a link to either an AAR or Video play thru of the titles OR both! For larger longer titles such as DAK2, there will be a single link to the start and will leave it to you to find the rest via WordPress and Youtube Search.

September 18, 1931
Japan invades Manchuria.

October 2, 1935–May 1936
Fascist Italy invades, conquers, and annexes Ethiopia.

October 25–November 1, 1936
Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy sign a treaty of cooperation on October 25; on November 1, the Rome-Berlin Axis is announced.

November 25, 1936
Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, directed against the Soviet Union and the international Communist movement.

July 7, 1937
Japan invades China, initiating World War II in the Pacific.

March 11–13, 1938
Germany incorporates Austria in the Anschluss.

January 30, 1939 – Hitler threatens Jews during Reichstag speech.

March 15/16 – Nazis take Czechoslovakia.

March 28, 1939 – Spanish Civil war ends.

May 22, 1939 – Nazis sign ‘Pact of Steel’ with Italy.

August 23, 1939 – Nazis and Soviets sign Pact.

August 25, 1939 – Britain and Poland sign a Mutual Assistance Treaty.

August 31, 1939 – British fleet mobilizes; Civilian evacuations begin from London.

September 1, 1939 – Nazis invade Poland.




Case White Background post , and Turn 1 Comments.

September 3, 1939 – Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany.

September 4, 1939 – British Royal Air Force attacks the German Navy.

September 5, 1939 – United States proclaims its neutrality; German troops cross the Vistula River in Poland.

September 10, 1939 – Canada declares war on Germany; Battle of the Atlantic begins.

September 17, 1939 – Soviets invade Poland.

September 29, 1939 – Nazis and Soviets divide up Poland.

November 8, 1939 – Assassination attempt on Hitler fails.

November 30, 1939 – Soviets attack Finland.

The Winter War Begins

Soviet Invasion of Finland

Soviet Invasion of Finland

Soviet Invasion of Finland

Turns 1-3, AAR.
December 14, 1939 – Soviet Union expelled from the League of Nations.



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