Victory Games. The Civil War

This is a learning turn or two of the venerable classic. loved my many hated by no one, and tweaked by many.

The subtle interplay of Command/Reinforcement points to the Initiative differential is the first aha moment I have. FANTASTIC..Every impulse, and every turn is going to be a nail biter.

The game is frustratingly difficult to document…as many deft and subtle things happen as a matter of course. The nonchalant taking of a reinforcement versus using a Command point to build a depot or move an Army to fulfill your ‘activation obligation.’

In the Trans Mississippi region we flounder around a bit sorting out just where forts, and depots should go.

This Army of the Potamac attacks and bounces back off of the Rebs.


small/medium and large armies take different losses…nice touch.

More to come. With some activations under my belt now we can return to a deeper reading of the rules.

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