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Hi UPDATE!!!! Please read Mark Hermans comments regarding generic Naval units!!!!! It appears I and my friend miss heard him on a podcast.  Looks like the rules are getting a decent boost too!

PHEW!!! P500 will be secured! 🙂

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  1. It is one of my favorite games. Have played Coral Sea and Guadalcanal Campaign. As the Japanese, I lost a CV due to Carrier attack and withdrew after failing to capture Guadalcanal. VASSAL has a game module for it. I have not tried playing it through VASSAL. Whom is reprinted it?

  2. First off thanks for your detailed thoughts on my old design. What follows is not meant in any way to push back on your views, but to hopefully add some context. I respect your take on things, so I wanted to offer some solace.

    1. In the reprint the entire submarine system is changed. It now uses Submarine HQs, submarine patrol areas and such, so nothing like its predecessor. That said, I am not sure that you played the system correctly or you had really bad luck.

    2. Dropping anchor in a restricted hex is meant to be very dangerous, best only done with a DD if in range of enemy submarines.

    3. Submarines have to make a die roll on how many find something, so a six step submarine unit will fail 40% of the time to attack and if it does it will only have a 10% chance for a 6 step attack, 5 step attack and so on.

    4. Did all of your ASW responses fail? A strong DD force in an anchorage should kill some subs unless you are very unlucky.

    5. That covers my current submarine thoughts. Lastly, you said that the reprint will have generic naval units. WHAAAATTTTT!!!! no way no how, why would I dump one of the best parts of the game. In fact the reprint adds in the same level of detail for the air units. So no longer is it a generic 6 step air unit, but now its the 20th Pursuit Group, 19th Bombardment Group, etc. Same level of detail for the Japanese.

    Again, i respect your thoughts, but I hope that some of these thoughts will help,

    All the best,


    • Well, Mark once again you ride to the rescue!! Thanks for the comments. The net result is we had a blast. Maybe that did not come thru. But as we played, I was in dire straits…last gasp chance to get forces onto the ‘Canal. This drove poor choices. As ASW… well it was no effective [my TF composition was likely wrong. ], his die rolls were good here- and about the only time they were good the whole game.
      It came down to 2 errors – 1 blocking the FSB, and NOT building a strip on the island near G’canal that starts with the Engineer on it. Fatal mistakes.
      Im still very soft on how Operations really work and REALLY end…. but that can wait for another game play.

      Finally we both listened to your interview on some podcaster and got the distinct impression you were generalizing the game. NO!!!! :). I was glad to listen to you, but I found the host a bit painful. All that said what you write here is more detailed and helps a lot. I will be in line to P500!!
      P.S. I also thought you mentioned little or no change on twitter…but hey what can you say in 140 characters. ;).

  3. Glad you had a good time. One thing I am guilty of in all of my designs is I do not hold anyone’s hand, so the first time you play a scenario, stuff like this can happen. After a Torpedo Alley experience like the one you just had I doubt you will ever make that mistake again. That is the problem my designs usually face, someone on their first try has this happen and they do not have a good time, which I am sorry for, but stuff happens when you are learning.

    When I said that there was little to no changes, the submarines was the ‘little’ I was referring to. They never worked quite as I had hoped back in 1985, so at least I get another run at this piece of the design.

    Take care,

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