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As we head into the final half of the game lets step back and assess where we are at.

Our goal in this post was to explore the ideas that support the concept of OODA loops.  We wanted to process information and react to unfolding events more rapidly than our opponent and “get inside” their decision cycles. With the aim being to  gain an advantage and force errors in play.

We highlighted some key objectives, whilst leaving ourselves flexible to adapt to what was presented to us to use. Overall for a ‘winning strategy’ we wanted to minimize force losses of certain Task Forces, secure VPs in Bastogne and clear and control one or two routes for later forces to use.

We wanted to secure Route A&C and have VPs accrue in Bastogne for 2 turns as a secondary objective, under the assumption that driving hard on Bastogne would give us a better chance to secure A&C which would maximize our mission success.

End of Turn 6 combats are circled, they clear the remnants of Route blocking forces, and feint from the North towards Bastogne, meanwhile the infiltration of German units are ground to dust.


We are at Turn 7 now. Our planned moves are:GerTurn7-movesplan

The Germans create a problem for them selves. By not paying attention they miss moving  3 key units which are subsequently not used well and all end up being crushed ! They were hanging out next to the Fj’s thinking they were the enemy… Then we over compensate with stupid exploit moves.  This places Route C at risk!

snafu_turn7_scsBastogne_armor move.

By the beginning of Turn 8 the situation looks like this Germans are ejected from Bastogne:

For sure a solid ring, and the Allies are focused on Keeping Bastogne clear. It is just a matter of time however before the Relief Column arrives, and not much stands in the way of the Abrams group arriving. The previous exploit move comes home to roost:


Turn 8 sees 3 armor steps lost. These forces were to cover the Abrams approach. So now we need to reassess, our observations and act to address our primary goals and objectives.



The red circle indicate 1 rated defenses! Road Marches are planned for as many Mortar and Arty Units as we can mass to fire on and DG units in Turn 9.


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