UPDATE: World War Two Chronological Walk 1943

So far the year is off to a slow start for this project. See 1943 , where we wrapped up Stalingrad game plays. But now need to look at the following battles to round out 1943:

Kasserine Pass

-John Hill or Vance Von Borries? Which would you play?

Final Battle for Kharkov 

Case Blue and GBII end May June time scale in 43 so nothing is available there. I am open to suggestions! This:?

Vae Victis issue 25

The Invasion of Sicily 

OCS would be a solid bet here. While the ease of playing on a single map is making me want to wait for the new OCS release, I think I might setup this up as a my monster play for this year.

Battle for Tarawa

The SPI solo magazine game is in my work bag. Next business trip I will take a run at it.

And finally the Soviet Ukraine offensives. This can be nicely handled by Simonitch’s Ukraine ’43 Which may well be next with my bud Steve.

Of these there is no title in the library for Kasserine Pass I’d be open to smaller titles that play fast! Any suggestions? Similarly Kharkov in 1943 is not in the library, I may have to forfeit that. Perhaps we can revisit the 1942 abortive assault on Kharkov by the Soviets as a supplement using Case Blue?



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  1. I second Jack Rady’s Duel for Kharkov. Other choices might be Eric Goldberg’s Kursk (SPI) or GMT’s Von Manstein’s Backhand Blow.

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