Unexpected Drop, Ring of Hills

The next in chronological order for the Ring of Hills Lock’n Load expansion is  a doozy! AFV’s, Choppers, Air strikes and lots cannon fodder.

Our story picks up after Scenario 1, the Argentine army sneaks ashore to try and take the Guvs Mansion!

By Dawns Early Light was first!


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Followed by:

The Devil Went Down To Georgia.  Another rip roaring exercise!

Now  Argentine forces attack the British on the East island.

The stakes are high,  the counter attack is cobbled together using some of Argentina’s best men.

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With air support and choppers providing local drops the Royal Marines are quiet possibly in for a hard fight!

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Lets take a look at the situation:

2014-05-16 12.15.10Argentine Army

The Argentine’s have a planned drop that scatters, and a precision landing via chopper. Interestingly these choppers stay to fight for the duration.

Hence the Brits having Blowpipes.

Then some scattered reinforcements coming in Turn 3 for both sides.  There is a lot going on in this scenario.

Arg Plan:

I think the best bang for buck is a landing near the major building with 5 hexes. Lets call that Objective GREEN. Obj. Green is worth 15 VP of the 27 available.

Killing the units therein would add another 4 or 5. As the attacker what I want to do is to make the British have to root me out. Making them move from cover, and expose them to opportunity fire as they approach.

So landing in the dusk with two hex visibility as close to Objective Green is going to be important. We must pray for good rolls on the scatter drop roll.

The large Brit MG unit can be avoided by  staying in the back ground corners of Objective Green. So we will form two fireteams to support ourselves, 1 in the back corner with a Leader, 2 squads and an MG, and second with a Hero and 2 squads at the tail of Obj. Green. I expect to lose at least two squads taking the building.


The other benefit of setting up in the Obj. Green building edge is it places us in position to have clear lines of  fire on the Turn 3 reinforcements.

With the MG Team relatively immobile and us out of the way, that means the Scimitar is the next most  dangerous unit on the board. It is protected by 2 squads.

These units will be the job of the Chopper delivered force. Objective Sword. Destroy the Scimitar and kill the Enemy in place. This would be worth 6 VP.

I expect we will lose both Choppers and at least one squad, so the VP count will likely be a wash.

British Forces

The Brits have some core things to consider.

1. Protecting the buildings and 2. Force preservation.

In order to do this they need to remove any desire by the Argies to try and land in the middle of the buildings and allow easy access.

In order to do that they must setup a kill zone in teh best landing areas and make the Argentine force march to thier objective.

So they place a ring around the township, placing the Hvy Mg on the hill with a supporting blowpipe and squad. They fortify the primary building with 2 squads and a Leader. Then place vehicles on the Western side of set of loose buildings. Giving a 360 degree defense. They also stick 2 squads with Scimitar to protect it.



The Brits will respond aggressively once they know where the attack is and close with vehicles in Assault move mode to snuff out the Argies before they can seek decent cover and get a toehold.

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