Unexpected Drop Part 4

The British attempt a safe assault on the Argentines who are all shaken. They have to watch themselves as the fire power to do melee is wanting even tho they roll a 1d8 and a 1d6 for the result vs the normal 2d6!
2014-05-16 22.21.26

That clears the building but for one squad. Meanwhile the Brits come off the hill and take up positions to cover the rest of the discrete buildings.

2014-05-16 22.21.41

The Argies have nothing for it but to attempt to cross the open ground.2014-05-16 22.23.14

In go the Brits!

2014-05-16 22.25.12

Barely surviving the close assault, the secure the building.

2014-05-16 22.25.31


Crap is going down all over and men look for opportunity fire and the chance to fire last in the turn. But its too little too late for the Argentine armed forces who surrender.

2014-05-16 22.25.39

Turn 7, second last turn and its over! 34 VP for the Brits 25 for the Argies.

2014-05-16 22.25.53

Hey!! At least say something! ;)