Unexpected Drop Part 1


The Setup from our previous post.:
2014-05-16 12.15.16


The Paras do indeed land CLOSE!!!2014-05-16 15.33.58


Scatter rolls do not have nice things in store.2014-05-16 15.37.46

The men uniformly drift towards to buildings. Except the Hero and one squad which as whisked away.

In the firestorm of a landing the Paras land in the courtyard of the British Marines and are cut down without mercy2014-05-16 15.39.38

The Mobile air units land more smoothly, taking no fire.

2014-05-16 15.42.17

Meanwhile not content the Brits light up the Argies in the adjacent building.2014-05-16 15.46.04


The End of Turn 1.


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