2 thoughts on “ugh.. VID feb 12 ’41 from 7.2 I forgot to post!

  1. Good stuff – although knowing the result I can see that by pulling back you left their forces free to redeploy against your flankers’ line of supply without having to deal with any ZOCs.

    I suppose the two choices are to have thrown even more effort into the flank move, or to have done a short hook this turn – form a cluster near the HQ position, say, and threaten a move next turn either out the road you flanked on and on west or up to the coast. Meanwhile on this turn the position would have been too strong for a direct counterattack to break up.

    The Italian response would have used up supply, and maybe made them retreat some.

    It could just be that the Brits don’t have the mass to pull off an offensive right now with the losses and withdrawals.

    • indeed we were a bit hasty with the offense. One needs to factor in the Greek Campaign, Withdrawal chances for the month and PAX… a heady mix.

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