Turn Two French: Waterloo Le Retour l Emp.

2015-08-20 13.38.27

Yes  I bet you thought I forgot and was attracted to new shiny things yes? Well we are back focussing for a little longer on this interesting system.

Le Retour l Empereur is more involved but not complex than its national brethren Fallen Eagles. Once game play is completed we will take a brief look at the differences and details.

Le Retour relies on streamline tactical rules, but a fair bit more detail than some games of similar scales. By only quibble at the moment is a user interface one, which revolve around usage of the counters and markers and the lack of ALL the details required for fire and combat on the charts.

The Cavalry must first execute its charges. Which only occurs on the Right wing. On the left other units move to position if Hougomont falls quickly.

You may note the Guard is on the move. I am curious to see if using them early (mainly Arty can make a difference) before the Prussians arrive.2015-08-20 13.38.46

Arty positions to pound Le Hay and front facing formations on the ridge.

Over near Fichermont a swirling batle is under weigh and French Cav heads of to engage the far Left flank of Wellington.2015-08-20 13.39.08


Combined artillery shots, Disordering some units, destroying two batteries of Wellingtons artillery.2015-08-20 13.57.26


The French roll extremely well. I the cavalry charge it is a near run thing, but Vivien’s horse is overwhelmed by 4th Corps Cav.

2015-08-20 14.01.16

End of French turn on turn 2.

2015-08-20 14.28.34n

[Edit] mistakes made.  Arty used cumulative values wen stacked in same hex….tsk tsk. This is likely a significant enough error to warrant a re start or a partial restart in any case.

4 thoughts on “Turn Two French: Waterloo Le Retour l Emp.

  1. I’m not super thrilled with the colors of the counters, but the overall design and concept of them to represent columns and lines, and the skirmisher counters are pretty interesting. Going to have to give this a try, I think, once I work through everything else I have stacked up.

    I need another gaming table…

  2. You should really never see infantry in line attacking fortified farms. The only units that can effect them are artillery firing or infantry in column during melee.

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