Turn 16 & Summary

A brief sharing of some practical errors in play.

This discussion however misses one thing.


The big issue however is that I read the weather wrong.

I am so wrong headed. When I see the words precipitation….man I think rain. Where I come from it don’t snow!

So I kept wondering why we never had a snow turn! So whilst many folks stop the game at 16 based on what I have read due to one side taking the day or winning, we are stopping here as this is such a significant error that I believe it is unforgivable within the confines of my play. Nor am I able to retract the turns or rewind the turns effectively.

So this in a major way explains why the Germans had such an easy time of it.

I think that the story would be much different with the advent of General Winter!

So we end here (Early June was when this all happened).

The good news is this weekend – 23rd of June we play a for man session of Op Typhoon from8.30am until we finish!


So a full report on that will be forthcoming!



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