TSC Sept-Dec 1939 Italy Becomes Ally?

Background…read out of synch posts for The Supreme Commander! This is the Sept-Dec ’39 turn time frame, prior to  March April 1940:

Northern Map T3

Naval combat in the Western Med kills of the Italian fleet for 6 turns b4 it can be rebuilt. This is an interesting development.


Germans buy 3 Inf Corps

Southern Situation at start of T3

Buys 3 Italian Corps

Do a +1 DRM on Hungarian Dip.

Needs a 3. Rolls a 4! Moves them to Active Allie.

Building Hungarian Inf unit is Expensive.

Italians build an Army and occupy the Border.

The Allies in their turn mess up fleets a bit but in essence are building a small invasion force to attack Italy unless the Italians pops units in the MSP hexes in T4.

They save funds for Technology.

A Spain Diplomacy effort fails.


Germans build 2 corps 1 in Munich, 1 in Hamburg and 1 in Essen. Forces group for the Western Europe Case Yellow!

Uses Dip to influence the Romanian, with a +2 on the DRM. This effort fails.

The Italians pop a unit in Naples. The jig is up… but we will wait! J, I just need to locations without a unit and having MSU to make them collapse according to the rules.

Spain moves to Neutral

Soviets buy 5x 1-3 Inf.

Allied Plan for T4/5:

Allies will build

Accumulate for Air tech, but build this turn some more Armour/Inf as I fear a snap invasion into Britain. Need to check supply I think that is not deasible unless the Axis gain Naval Superiority

Inf tech for Soviets, will wait awhile.

Units for French

Remainder will be spent on either Spanish again or Turkey… which I think is important.


Buys 2 units for England – worried about the three units in Bremen invading UK.

Buys 5 1-3 Inf units to position for a push into Hungry.

Primary move:

Invades two Italian MSP ports with UK forces as we dominate now the Western Med.

Italy Collapse? Really? Sweet.

This has a ripple effect, we pick up x2 points (should of grabbed higher MSU port sitting there.!!! Plus we grab the MSU for the country and they are now a minor ally.

Hey!! At least say something! ;)