The Supreme Commander Mar-April 1940

Results from Italian Invasion:

Pick up 5 +10 MSU x2 for Genoa and Taranto.

In this next turn Germany puts nothing to sea. Phew with all my navies out of place that was lucky. I really need to start paying more attention or England will fall quickly. Must keep the Germans in Port!!

So Allies pop 2 Fleets to the North Sea.

Italy Collapses – Now an Active minor Ally of UK.

This increases MSU for England to base 105.


Adds several Corps. Pops a Armour Corp into Vienna along with a Infantry Corp. Covering the Southern Route of approach.

However the Allies need right of way via Yugosalvia. A full court press on them next to convert to Allied side.

The Axis MSU per annum is 125

The Soviets build up in the South threatening to invade client states and or Germany itself as soon as the Germans invade the Low Lands


Dip effort focuses on Romania and Fails.

UK reinforces Italy with 3 x Corps and 2 Arm. Corps (moving 1 from Alexandria)

Consolidates forces in UK.

My hope is that the Netherlands, Belgians buy us a turn, that will allow us to build 2 Inf units, then 2 more the next turn. I’ll make one HQ from that and man the borders!!

Turn 6

More purchases and more Dip on Romania fail again for the Axis.

No moves.

Focused so far on Build up for Low lands.

On to the next turn. I really should have been rolling to bring the Yugoslavs online! Grr.







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    • I hope so. He offered to quit and start another game. I did offer to take the move back as we are in a ‘learning’ game. But since I barely know the game and Steve has 4 other sessions going, am now unrelentingly going to use the ‘system’ to explore Churchills Southern Front thoughts from early 40/41.

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