2014-10-03 14.53.23

I traded my UP copy of AWAW 1st Edition [A World At War] for these two UP titles.

#Win #Fair Trade love it.


This arrived also!

2014-10-03 17.04.14

Shitty packaging but we survived the arrival.

6 thoughts on “Trading!

  1. Trades are good. Always good to get rid of some dead weight and get something you’re interested in. Even if what you get is a dog, at least you didn’t have to spend a bunch of money to find out.

  2. Just playing RAF now. Quite simple and straightforward to play. Excellent solitaire not tried 2 player yet. Raid events, numbers of bombers and escorts and locations of raids all card driven. Intelligence, reaction timing, weather and size of raid determined by tables. Virtually everything you need is on the maps which are nicely drawn and easy to get onto a small table.

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