Trading Games Update

I managed to trade and or divest away some doubles, some games on Pre Order for newer versions and some that just do not belong with me any more.

Empire of the Sun, which I hope to have in my hands with 2nd Edition by Christmas.

2013-05-24 12.49.17

– For: Imperium Romanum II 

Warriors of God

– For:

Carthage:The First Punic War

This was inspired to  be reacquired upon reading Guns Dice and Butter David Docktor’s awesome AAR. Which spawned Rodgers snappy image!

After selling nearly $2,500 worth of games this year it was nice to do a trade or two.

I almost have enough shelf space to allow for new purchases and P500 titles to arrive.

You saw Junes cash and trade success of course, so now we are up to date!

I have 1/2 dozen more titles to sell then we can pause for a good while.

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