Top 5 Post WWII wargames….Not my list baby!

HAMTAG Top 5 Post WWII wargames….

Cityfight ok!!! Great start.

Nam games…bring it on!

Stuff, stuff more stuff.
Guerilla! nice call.

Korean War….stunner.

Then…a Euro. sigh.

Well what are your favorite Post WWII wargames?

My experience with TS:

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Post WWII wargames….Not my list baby!

  1. Top 5 Post-WW2, hmm, from actual wars:
    5 – Nuts! Phantom Fury
    4 – GMT’s Crisis: Sinai 1973
    3 – GMT’s Downtown (and Elusive Victory)
    2 – Legion’s Dien Bien Phu: The Final Gamble
    1 – VG’s Vietnam 1965-1975

  2. Kim Kanger’s TONKIN and DIEN BIEN PHU: THE FINAL GAMBLE from Legion Games (can’t decide between these which is #1 and which is #2); MMP’s ANGOLA for #3; GMT’s DOWNTOWN: THE AIR WAR OVER HANOI, 1965-1973; Fifth Column Games’s WHERE THERE IS DISCORD: WAR IN THE SOUTH ATLANTIC for #5. Runner ups: Ad Astra’s BIRDS OF PREY, GDW’s SUEZ ’73, and GMT’s FIRE IN THE LAKE. Would have put Kanger’s ICI, C’EST LA FRANCE up there but he’s over-represented already!

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