Tom Russell writes!

Cross post from Mark Walkers blog:
High Speed Hover Tank designer Tom Russell writes for Over da edge!

“Today we have a guest post from one of my favorite designers, Tom Russell. He has designed games for both of my companies (Flying Pig Games and Tiny Battle Publishing), on topics as diverse as fantasy skirmishes, to Middle Age battles, through Civil War engagements, and including Hover Tank Gauss rifle fights. Oh, by the way, he also is a novelist and writes/produces/directs short films with his wife, Mary. Sort of humbling, no? I mean all I did last night was suck down three Nurse Jackie episodes. Those that create, do. Those that don’t, bitch about the others. So without further ado, let alone more cryptic life philosophies, here’s Tom.
The story of High Speed Hover Tank began last year when my wife, Mary, was running Tiny Battle. (She stepped down in February of this year.) She and Mark were trying to get the rights to a certain out-of-print sci-fi wargame about hover tanks, and the current rights-holder said no. So I said to Mary, “Well, I can probably do a game about high speed hover tanks for you guys if you want.” She said sure, and then asked me what I would call it. I shrugged: “High Speed Hover Tank.” She asked Mark about it, since he’s the guy that signs the checks, and he said it sounded great. So, now all I had to do was design the darn thing. “… read on
EDIT: Sadly Tom is no longer involved with Marks Yeah! magazine, lets hope the quality continues with his repalcement.

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