To The Shores of……. [Oil Wars]

As we discussed USMC  has been dispatched to Iran. Koehmenini in a surreal turn about invites the USA in to prevent being overrun by Soviet forces invading from Afghanistan.

Lets take a look at the USMC in WaW before we jump into the action:

The speeds and feeds on this equipment AAV-7 and the vehicles are cool, weighing in at 25 tonnes, carrying 25 soldiers with 3 crew, the 400HP engines power the vehicle thru most terrain types at up to 70 km/h, or 13 km/h in the water.  They have a 480km range….dam more than my car!

AAV-7 [equivalent vehicle

These  are solid troop carriers but no match in battle against BMPs, especially ATGM armed ones. I’ll be using these guys as close support assault vehicles.


The Marines are renowned for their training and preparation skills, and their short but illustrious history makes them one of the best Expeditionary Forces in the world.  In WAW this translates into special abilities in close combat and ranged fire. With an extra die and the option to choose best the rolls, it ensures that the Marine units will see lots of close up action.


The LAV 25 whilst only carrying a squad or 1/2 squad packs a punch and is a high speed offensive vehicle. 25mm cannon, 7.62 mm MG’s and optional ATGM add on make them a formidable battle field piece. Also an all terrain amphibious vehicle. These guys will see lots of action in Scenario 1.


As a multi dimensional force the AV-8b is the Air Support arm of the Marines delivering strike packages on target where needed, with a multitude of delivery payloads.

Gear heads rejoice!

So lets see how the Soviets fare.  The 2nd Airborne are no slouches themselves, but they lack armoured support.  They are dug in and waiting for the USMC….What they have not allowed ofr is the USS Wisconsin. Lets see what she does to the battlescape.


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