TMEII Turns 3 & 4

At the outset of Turn three the Germans are reasonably deeply stacked but have taking an ass whipping to some extent. Several solid units of mine including paras have taken step losses.

With the new sequence of play reinforcements come at the start of the turn not the end. I guess in hindsight it does not matter but it feels different!

We focus on the recapture of Caen to avenge the loss of 2nd Armoured. Revenge is swift. South of St Lo the British break out also. The Germans make a decision to defend in depth versus stacking or retreating.

The South is a cluster….no comment required. What the hell was I thinking.


Here in T4, this defense in depth will mean a lot of attacks and I think I will forego my restraint in holding a airpower back for defense. The Germans seem counter attacked out ! J



The attacks are brutal and really effective. Only 2 or 3 step losses in exchange for 8 of his and 8 really good units too!

German Atlantic Coast moves:

Yep, he collapses back across the Seine. The thin Grey line is established. This poses some questions.

The Germans have left Paris open….wide open. With a truck and a well-placed HQ we might be able to do some damage?

Really WTF am I doing here? LOL.


The Eastern Front kicks into gear with retreating German units entering the map etc.

The Soviet player rolls for the result for the Axis. A 1 or a 2 means no step loss. A 6 means eliminated, and of course 3,4,5 is a step loss.

Every Axis major formation arrives unscathed. As I will be commanding these tough but fragile units I am thrilled with my enemies rolling.


Back to the Western Front. I was thinking that in order to minimize losses perhaps a quick landing and para drop on Antwerp would be good?

This would force some or all of the units on the seine to retreat? Or we could drop paras behind the enemy and attack? Taking Antwerp really requires taking location B also for it to act as a fully functional port. What do you guys and gals think?

9 thoughts on “TMEII Turns 3 & 4

  1. 1. Are you enjoying this more than INS?

    2. Your southern situation and comments are making me laugh. Did you launch w too weak a force?

    3. I’m not confident of your Antwerp Strategy. (See #2) they do appear to be weak units there. It would be fun to see what you could do. Go for it!

  2. 1. Yes.
    2. sigh…I chose wrong spot to land.
    3. Well given my opponent reads the blog in a mocking manner, I have to say that his new defense is working better, and that I doubt an Antwerp strategy would be smart. I have a different plan that will destroy far more far quicker! 😉

  3. Someone seems to have forgotten how I threatened London and Washington on turns three and four. Way to abuse the bully pulpit Kevin.

    BTW…the Antwerp strategy is exactly where I want you strike. Muhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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