TME II Turn 1 & 2



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The situation at the end of turn 2 the Germans muster a solid counter attack!

Back in Turn 1 we see a reprise of my first play of TME, I landed an all US force in the Normandy beaches excluding OMAHA. I did not do a good job with Paras. Losses were high, but we took Caen turn 1 regardless.


Turn 1, I also went South to try and keep some forces down there….yikes booted out of Southern France! Losing 2 steps in process.


In turn 2  I conducted a clear beach invasion with the Brits @ the historical Omaha. Without air support the Allies lacked the ability to do much, so the attacks that were critical were chosen carefully keeping 1 air in reserve for the British paras. In hindsight keeping it for 2nd Armoured would have been smarter. I was away from the screen while my opponent mustered forces. He popped a 4:1 attack!

The counter attack in Turn 2 knocked off the 2nd Armoured and 1st Para! I was hoping to encircle but to no avail. 8 steps lost in 2 turns.

TME_t2Turn three I hope to gear up a solid offense and go for Paris to press home the advantage in units. I need a port!! Cherbourg we rolled a 6…..not good. I may feint to Paris and try Le Havre?

Will the Germans hold or fall back?


4 thoughts on “TME II Turn 1 & 2

  1. As long as you have 1 invasion left, you can make a beach again to provide supply for another long period. So there’s no need to take risks to grab a port super early. LeHavre would require too many units to sneak around and take unless you drive him past Paris anyway and it falls of itself.

    Him ceding all the bocage so quick means you are pretty close to a breakout, cutting off those infantry near Avranches. Just ship in some more units and start hunting Jerries.

    • who landed where did nt matter. What mattered was avoiding a contested landing. By landing on 2nd day I give the German a chance to stay and by OOS or live to fight another day. I can then land un opposed.

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