This is one of the reasons why I blog!

A chap corresponded with me today. Apologizing for something he might have said that he thought I took offense too….de nada.
But then he goes on to say

“Nah. I am a huge fan and your commentary and the Big Board have got me doing historical Operational games and studying the actual tactics instead of the game again./”

end t9-bastogne PArts 1 – 5 on the blog.


How freaking cool is that! Studying TACTICS and playing games versus STUDYING the game!! He goes on to say:

“Yea. You turned me into an OCS fan and now I am playing GTS and SCS as well.”


This evokes feeling on many levels, none of which are homosexual in nature at all.. But I digress. How fabulous that someone managed to find a kernel of goodness out of the posts here which then inspired him to launch into 3 new games systems! THREE…..


These little nuggets make it all worthwhile, when I see someone derive improved, different or unique experiences from their games that they derive from a minor inspiration here. Excellent!

So thank you gentle reader…Thank you.


Regular programming recommencing:rw_t5



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